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Stuffed Bubble Confetti Marble Balloon Bouquet


This Premium Marble balloon bouquet arrangement brings the glam into any event. Plus it’s a fantastic backdrop & accent piece, designed to float for at least 48hrs.

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Marble Balloon bouquet Description:


  • 1x 2ft bubble balloon (Personalized & stuffed with 6 small balloons)
  • 4x 12″ latex marble balloon
  • 4x 12″ gold confetti latex balloons
  • 4x 12″ black latex balloons.
  • All inflated with helium gas & attached with ribbons & weights.

Your personalized text design:

We will be designing your custom text based on the total length of characters and the font type may vary.

– For a specific logo or font request, feel free to reach us at

Delivery options by location:
Nairobi: We deliver all balloon types within Nairobi (inflated & un-inflated)
Other Counties: only flat un-inflated balloons & party accessories can be delivered.

Delivery info:
Same day delivery for orders before 12 pm. Minimum 24hr delivery for Personalized balloons. Valid for delivery Mon-Sun. Delivery commences from 10 am-6 pm. Special delivery times should be communicated beforehand.

Helium balloons float duration (In indoor, room condition):

Latex balloons:-
Standard 12-inch – 6 – 8 hours. | Premium 12-inch – 24-72hrs.
Standard 12-inch with confetti – 6-8 hours. | Premium 12-inch with confetti – 8-16hrs.
Big 18inch – 15-20 hours. | Premium Big 18-inch – 1-3days.
Jumbo 36″ – 1-3 days. | Premium Jumbo – 1-5days.
Jumbo 36″ with confetti – 1-2 days. Premium Jumbo with confetti – 1-3days.

Foil balloons:-
18″ & 20″ – 2-3 days
XL – 1-5 days
Orbz & Cubez – 1-3 days

Bubble balloons:-
1.5ft (18″) – 16hrs – 24hrs
2ft (24″) & 3ft (36″ ) – 16-48 hrs

Actual flying times vary depending on temperature and atmospheric conditions.

Float times vary greatly based on factors such as latex quality, humidity, temperature, altitude, etc.
Please remember that these are estimates based on typical indoor air-conditioned conditions, and following all instructions on this website.

Helium balloons’ float time is greatly affected by temperature. Float times will be shorter outdoors. Please do not leave them in a hot car or trunk.

Factors such as adding tassel garlands and filling balloons with confetti will also reduce float time. Foil balloons are not suitable for outdoor usage.

Helium balloons, in general, is not recommended for outdoor use under extremely hot weather. And, Balloons typically float for half as long in hot, humid weather.

We will not be held liable for any under-performance if not handled correctly. Balloons delivered in good condition cannot be returned or accepted for exchange.

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